All professionals at Sisters of Hope in Psychiatry maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.

  • Jacquel McCadney, PMHNP
    Jacquel McCadney, PMHNP

    Patients would say that I’m an active listener, caring, and compassionate. They would say that we work together to find solutions.

    Something to know about my approach is:

    That I am open-minded. I like to listen and engage with my patients to truly understand their needs. I like to look at things from a holistic perspective. I am a team player, and I value feedback. I provide medication management.

    Together, we will:

    Work at finding how we can best improve, and/or maintain a healthy and positive quality of life. We will explore overall thoughts, to evaluate if medication is needed. If so, identifying best options that are safest, and tailored to your needs.

    I specialize in working with people who:

    Have worked with therapists for some time, and would like to explore medication, or has been on medication and needs another provider.

    I became a PMHNP because:

    I became a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner because I feel that mental health is so commonly overlooked, but is related to every system.

    Something that stands out about how I practice is:

    I provide medication management via telehealth. I minimize distractions, and try to offer as much reassurance as possible.

    More about me and my practice:

    I enjoy being a mental health nurse practitioner. I do practice out of 3 states, with owning my own practices. I own them with my sister, who is also a PMHNP. I have worked psychiatry for many years prior to becoming a PMHNP, as well as a few others.

  • Juanita Ellis, PMHNP
    Juanita Ellis, PMHNP

    Juanita is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). She is qualified to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications. Some of her practice specialties include (but are not limited to) Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, Panic Attacks, and insomnia. She is passionate about providing quality, compassionate, and comprehensive mental health services to adolescents and adults. Juanita possesses strong clinical skills enhanced by natural ability to build rapport with patients. She follows evidence-based guidelines blended with clinical experience, personal observation, and intuition. As a PMHNP, Juanita’s role is multifaceted, including educator, mental health advocate, and therapist. Juanita values a patient-centered approach to health and healthcare.

    Juanita began her career as an LPN in 2010 where she specialized in chemical dependency. In 2015, She became a registered nurse working in inpatient psychiatry and pediatric homeware. She received her Bachelor’s in nursing in 2016 and became a clinical instructor for a local community college. In 2019, She received her Master’s in Nursing specializing in Psychiatry. Since then she has gained experience in inpatient psychiatric crisis units, addiction, and outpatient mental health. In 2021, Juanita and her sister started their own private outpatient mental health practice in Michigan. In 2022, they expanded the practice to Ohio, and in 2023 to Texas.

    A client can expect their initial visit to include a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, determination of treatment goals and education about diagnosis and available treatment options. The client will play a major role in coordinating care and treatment goals. Each client’s treatment will be individualized. Juanita dedicates herself to helping others optimize their abilities to function and enjoy their life.

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